Policies & Rental Agreement

Poncho’s Camp and Golf

Policies & Seasonal Rental Agreement

1.PARKING / SPEED:  At Poncho’s Camp and Golf we have large lots and we do not wish to police the number of vehicles parked on each lot, but suggest that more than 2 per lot is excessive. There is a parking area for your guests provided. No parking on the driveway. Please drive 20 km per hour or less.

  1. OUR LAND: Please look after our environment. Creating additional space, including paths or removal of live trees or brush without permission will not be allowed. Take into consideration the next tenant may not want that path there.
  2. TREE REMOVAL: All tree removal is at discretion of management. If management deems it necessary the trailer and any other structures must be removed before tree removal is performed. If customer does not wish to comply with structure removal, they will be charged for any and all expenses incurred.
  3. WASHROOMS: The washrooms were designed for your convenience and are not a playground. Children under six should be accompanied by an adult. Anyone caught vandalizing the washrooms will be evicted from the park.
  4. 5. SHOWERS / LAUNDRY FACILITIES: are available for use at a small fee.  Please respect other seasonal guests and keep the areas clean.
  5. GOLF CARTS: Golf carts are motorized vehicles and as such must be treated with respect. No one under the age of 16 years of age are allowed to operate a golf cart unless accompanied by an adult.
  6. 7. PLAYGROUND / WATER AREAS: Use of the playground and water areas is at your own risk. Children should be supervised at all times. For the safety of all guests and tenants the playground, swim area and other recreational structures will be closed at dusk.
  7. QUIET HOURS: Our quiet hours are from 11 P.M. to 8 A.M. Be respectful and considerate of other campers. Any activity or noise which may affect the comfort of other campers is not permitted. This includes loud music, shouting, profanities and any other offensive conduct.
  8. PETS: Pets must be under the owners control at all times. Pet owners are responsible for immediate clean up after their pets. Pets are welcome to enjoy the grounds with their owners.
  9. LICENSING / INSURANCE: You are responsible for insuring your camping unit and all personal belongings on your campsite. Poncho’s Camp and Golf is not responsible for accidents, power failures, thefts, break-ins, or losses. Please remember to not litter, damage property, or trespass on or through other people’s property or campsites (including sites of absent tenants). Glass bottles must be handled carefully everywhere in the campground. Broken glass is hazardous.
  10. FIRE PITS are in each campsite provided by management.
  11. CLOTHESLINES:Be courteous and considerate as far as the aesthetics of the park are concerned and please do not obstruct the views of your neighbours.
  12. SITE MAINTENANCE: Weeds and lawn care are the responsibility of the occupier. Herbicides used to control weeds must not be applied without prior approval from Management.
  13. GARBAGE: Garbage must be put in plastic bags, tied, then deposited into the garbage container located on the north side of the clubhouse. Any item, other than household bagged garbage is your responsibility. If you cannot remove a large item yourself management will remove the item for you at our convenience at a cost to you. Anyone caught dumping garbage or other items in undesignated areas (which includes the area outside the garbage container) can be evicted from the campground.
  14. ATV’s: Even though this is a private park, the roadways are deemed public. Drivers of all motorized and electric vehicles within the campground and golf course are required to have a valid driver’s license. Recreational vehicles, including ATV’s, can be driven into and out of the campground and stored at the leaseholders site.They will be used responsibly within the park.
  15. Sunrooms, gazebos, sheds or decks,etc. constructed on your site must first meet the approval of Poncho’s Camp and Golf management. A drawing may be required.


PAYMENTS for seasonal campers: Payment on your site is due in full no later than May 1st. A deposit of $200.00 is due no later than October 1st and will guarantee your site for the upcoming year. Should you wish to pull your camping unit out for any length of time it is imperative that you advise the management of the time it will be gone. Failure to do so will automatically be assumed you have left for the balance of the season and subsequent loss of your site. Non payment of site by May 1st will be constituted as non compliance of rental agreement and services may be restricted to that site. The RV and all other items on the site will become the property of Poncho’s Golf and Camp. Items left behind will be stored for 30 days at the tenants risk. After 30 days, all possessions including the R.V. will be sold to re-coup all debt as owed to Poncho’s Camp and Golf. Compensation or forewarning should not be expected.


POLICY VIOLATORS: Policy violators or suspicious persons should be reported to management immediately. We ask that all complaints and concerns be directed to management. This allows us to deal with your concern both expediently and efficiently. Poncho’s Camp and Golf reserves the right to have any person or persons vacate the campground for a minimum 24 hour period effective immediately upon violation of any of the campground’s regulations.

A permanent eviction may be given by campground management for any infraction of these rules. The tenant will be given 7 days from the day of notice to remove all possessions. In the 7 day period, management will inspect the site and assess any damages. All monies owed must be paid in full before belongings can be removed. Any possessions left after 7 days will be stored for 30 days at the tenants risk and expense, and released upon payment. After the 30 day period, all possessions become the property of Poncho’s Camp and Golf. When an eviction occurs there will be no refund or compensation.

Please inform us immediately of any phone or address changes (including off season). When the tenant wishes to vacate the trailer site, notice must be given in advance to the management. There will be no sub-letting of trailers.

We will not release any personal information regarding our customers, without prior approval, except for lot numbers when someone is visiting you. If this is unacceptable to any customer, please inform us in writing and we will act as requested.

The rules exist for everyone’s safety and enjoyment. It is your responsibility to be aware of them and any changes that may occur.

Please feel free to come to us for assistance. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome.

May we at this time thank all of our guests for adhering to our rules and making a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere for all.



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